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Navigating Multi-Phased IP Pharmacy Projects: Tips from Phase Zero Design

At Phase Zero Design, our team leverages extensive experience in navigating the complexities of multi-phased in-patient (IP) pharmacy projects. Pharmacies serve as vital hubs in healthcare, necessitating uninterrupted service during the construction process.

Maximizing Savings Strategies + Tips for Hospitality Design

Designing a hospitality space that is both aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective can be a challenging task. However, with strategic planning and smart choices, you can create an inviting environment without breaking the bank. Here are some valuable tips on how to save costs in your next hospitality design project.

11 Tips for Staying Sane in A/E/C

At times, the A/E/C industry can be stressful. Each decision carries weight, potentially impacting numerous stakeholders. Yet, the most accomplished professionals thrive amidst this pressure, managing stress while nurturing their vibrant lifestyles and relationships. These individuals have a superior understanding of this important balance.

Top 5 Considerations in Behavioral Health Design

Behavioral health facilities and practices are crafted to help patients achieve a level of stability that allows for the rebuilding and realignment of oneself. These spaces are designed as a safe place to recover when crisis strikes, allowing a person to receive the care required to get through their moment of intense disarray. Providing access to these spaces can be lifesaving.

Women Behind the Healthcare Designs

In celebration of Women in Construction Week, we are taking this opportunity to highlight the remarkable achievements of women in interior design. Explore the stories of our designers as they recount their experiences working on three exceptional healthcare projects, showcasing the creative and innovative contributions women make to the construction industry. Creating immersive spaces while redefining architectural designs, these projects serve as powerful examples of the impact female interior designers have on the field, and respectively, the healthcare industry.

Innovation & Trends Shaping the Future of Higher Ed Dining

Today, higher education institutions are revamping their support spaces to align with the evolving preferences of students. Acknowledging the pivotal role of food in creating a sense of community and gathering, modern dining facilities offer a diverse range of options and services. This flexibility enables students to choose dining solutions that suit their specific requirements, schedules, and budgets, fostering an environment that facilitates their overall growth and success.

How Environmental Graphics Can Positively Influence your Healthcare Space

Within Healthcare settings, patient satisfaction, the atmosphere of medical settings goes beyond clinical functionality. A transformative element making waves in healthcare design is environmental graphics. Within a healthcare setting, the role of graphics and their contribution to the space can foster a positive and healing environment. 

Revitalizing Retail Spaces

In the latter part of the 20th century, a significant transformation unfolded as clinical functions shifted away from traditional healthcare institutions. Driven by reimbursement rates and the need for improved patient access and convenience, medical services such as imaging, urgent care, and other specialties began seeking alternative real estate options. Faced with a scarcity of new construction sites, especially in New England, the Building Resuscitation movement surfaced, advocating for the adaptive reuse of old buildings for healthcare purposes.

End of the Year Reflection

As we approach the conclusion of another year, we find ourselves reflecting on the past 12 months—a period dedicated to forming and strengthening relationships, achieving notable accomplishments, and gaining new insights.

At a high level, throughout 2023, we collaborated with over 50 new clients, welcomed six new members to our team, and introduced the exciting addition of our new service line—Branding and Creative Services.

The 2023 PZD Gift Guide for Aspiring Architects, Engineers & Designers

At Phase Zero Design, our team is passionate about kindling the creative spark in the next generation of aspiring architects, engineers, and designers. Some of the wonderful parents who work at our firm rounded up the best 20 gifts to give your little one this holiday season, who love building, crafting, and dreaming up the next big thing.

The Jayden – West Hartford’s Newest Transit-Oriented Project

Nestled in the heart of West Hartford’s design district, a dynamic transformation is underway as the town eagerly anticipates its second transit-oriented development project with Hexagon New Park LLC: The Jayden. The town’s Design Review Advisory Committee recently approved The Jayden’s 70 apartment design in October, allowing Hexagon to seek zoning approval from the town. As West Hartford continues to prioritize sustainable urban development, The Jayden stands as a testament to the town’s commitment to creating vibrant, walkable communities near public transit hubs. 

The Byline – 920 Farmington Avenue

In the heart of West Hartford Center, the construction of a new mixed-used project called “The Byline” is in progress. This development is set to replace two forlorn buildings at 920 and 924 Farmington Avenue with a five-story structure that will house luxurious apartments and commercial spaces. With positive feedback and approval from the Design Review Advisory Committee, this new development will become one of the tallest structures in the area, marking a significant step in West Hartford’s evolution towards modern, luxury living.

West Hartford’s First Mixed-Use Transit-Oriented Development

Near the Elmwood Station of the CTfastrak rapid busway, plans for a 205,262 SF building located at 1051-1061 New Britian Avenue is the first to take advantage of the new transit-oriented development district, adopted by the West Hartford Town Council in June of 2022. The new development will be situated on a 2.97-acre property, previously home to a Ashley HomeStore and existing buildings constructed in the 1950s and 1960s.


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