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Navigating Multi-Phased IP Pharmacy Projects

At Phase Zero Design, our team leverages extensive experience in navigating the complexities of multi-phased in-patient (IP) pharmacy projects. Pharmacies serve as vital hubs in healthcare, necessitating uninterrupted service during the construction process.

Understanding the intricate demands of pharmacy design is crucial for creating functional and efficient spaces. Through strategic planning and the implementation of necessary precautions, successful project completion within set timelines and budgets is achievable.

Here are our team’s essential tips and considerations when navigating multi-phased IP pharmacy projects:

Phasing & Continuous Functionality

Coordinating the phasing to maintain operational continuity throughout construction requires meticulous advanced planning. This involves allocating continuous spaces for pharmacy work, compounding, IV, receiving, staff support areas, and more throughout the construction process. Ensuring that these areas remain operational is crucial to avoid disruptions in pharmacy services.

Equipment Planning

Equipment planning is a critical aspect of any pharmacy project. Having an accurate plan and list of equipment early in the process can inform the various phases and ensure the continuous function of the pharmacy. For instance, carousels require strong preplanning due to their size and infrastructure needs. Ensuring they fit into the space both logistically and dimensionally is essential given their size and weight.

HVAC Equipment Upgrades

HVAC equipment upgrades often pose challenges, especially in pharmacy projects. Typically, pharmacy upgrades require more air changes, and there may be a need for supplemental units or equipment upgrades. Replacing existing HVAC equipment in place for compounding is usually not feasible unless there is a backup location for compounding or a new location for the air handling unit (AHU). Even with new locations, logistics consistently play a significant role in pharmacy AHU upgrades.

Infectious Control Measures

Infection control is a necessary consideration in any hospital project, and it is particularly crucial in pharmacy projects. Keeping all running areas clean and debris-free while adjacent construction is ongoing is essential. Ensuring clear pathways for contractors from the site to the loading area and dumpsters is imperative to avoid cross-contamination in pharmacy “clean” areas. Maintaining strict infection control measures ensures that the pharmacy operates safely and effectively throughout construction.

By addressing these key aspects, pharmacy construction projects can proceed efficiently while maintaining high standards of safety and service continuity. This holistic approach ensures that pharmacies remain fully operational, safeguarding patient care and service quality throughout the construction process.


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