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Driftway General Store

Scituate, MA

Category: Retail

Size: 7,500 SF

Location: Scituate, MA

The Driftway General Store has been received as an oasis for the previously underserviced Scituate community. Offering them a convenient solution to all of their commuting needs.

The Greenbush neighborhood has celebrated the opening of an innovative new convenience complex. In addition to the covered pump area; this suite houses a convenience store, coffee shop, office space, and fast casual food venue. The building has been designed to accentuate and elevate existing architectural and environmental features adjacent to the property. One of the more unique decisions made here was to tuck the fueling station behind the building so it would standout less from the local landscape. While solving for the neighborhood’s existing need of a modern convenience hub, this project looks toward the future; promising to grow and evolve alongside its community. With accommodations for both traditional vehicles and electric cars, this complex also fully services users of public transportation, cyclists, and walkers.

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