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Shaughn is a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology and served his country honorably as a member of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Well-rounded, he’s since worked on the professional practice side of the business as well as on the construction side. He is an expert in grocery store design, rolling out new stores and successfully executing challenging store remodels. His grocery store experience includes working with Winn Dixie, Stop & Shop, Shaw’s, Trader Joe’s, Save-A-Lot and the Fresh Grocer. He is particularly proud of the successful projects with Winn Dixie, where he helped complete 70 remodels in less than three years.

Shaughn wants to be remembered as the one who kept everyone calm while the boat was sinking. He’s someone who does not compromise on his principles and he makes sure the job gets done. He develops brilliant relationships with his clients, some of which have extended outside of the work environment. He lives for problem solving and grabs the bull by the horns when he sees a problem. 

What is the most important tool of your trade, and why?

The most important tool of my trade is my experience in the field. Though I never finished my degree, I learned a lot from everyone I’ve ever worked with, and still feel as though I have an edge over almost everyone in the office. I know how buildings are a built, understand the language of the contractor, and know how to handle myself with Building Officials. Experience and knowledge gained in the field are the most important tools of my trade.

What does it mean to you to be 100% client-centric?

For one, you will not always have 100% success with all of your clients, but knowing what matters most to them helps bridge any gap. You make up for this by being 100% client-centric. I tell everyone who works directly with our clients to understand they are real people just like us. They have personal lives that may include a spouse and kids. They have interests outside of work that may coincide with yours. Don’t forget to treat them like a human, talk to them, ask how their weekend was, or what they will be doing for the weekend. I try to make a personal connection with all of my clients. One of the biggest things that many people forgot about is client perception and understanding it will help you to better negotiate perceived issues with your client.

What makes you most proud about being a Phase Zero Design employee?

I love working at Phase Zero Design and have no desire to work for anyone else. I always mention to Lindsay & Matt that your blood runs blue if you are a true employee.  Jim and Matt are both great guys to work for and will give you every opportunity to succeed, but you have to do the work. Jim and Matt have been great to me especially after all I have been through medically. A lot of companies would not invest any time in me considering how often I am in the hospital, at dialysis, or dealing with some other life threating emergency.  I am most proud to represent Phase Zero Design at every project we do and with every client we encounter.  Honestly, as I have told Jim & Matt, “I have no desire to leave PZD unless you two become other people”.


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