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Matt began his career as an architect at a very young age designing castles, tree forts, and the world’s tallest sky-scraper out of Lincoln Logs. 

While his passion for design was clear from the beginning, as a leader he believes that including others’ ideas and input into the design process develops a far more exciting and rewarding project.  He has taken this outlook and applied it to the way he works and manages teams, encouraging collaboration and creativity amongst all stakeholders.

Matt received a Bachelor of Architecture with Honors from Carnegie Mellon University, and later received an MBA from the University of Hartford. He has been a practicing LEED Accredited Professional since 2004 and is NCARB certified. He has spent over 24 years in the industry, successfully managing multi-site retail, hospitality, corporate and residential projects across the United States for both private and public clients.


Describe your dream project.

My dream project is any one where we can add value while exceeding our client’s own imagination and expectations. To me, “this is what I had imagined, but also far more than I could have imagined,” is the most rewarding compliment I have ever received at the close of a project. Expanding on our client’s thinking to lead them in new directions without compromising their goals has been and always will be my dream project.

What does it mean to you to be 100% client-centric?

Managing the client experience is really the DNA of our firm. It is our basic ingredient that’s intertwined into everything we do and speak. It shapes how we collaborate with our clients, our respect for each other, the quality, and the pride that comes forth in all we do. Focusing on our clients not only challenges us, but encourages and compels us to achieve the great designs our firm is known for. Being 100% client-centric is a very rewarding process.

How do you define the success of a project?

I define a successful project as one where we collaborate with our clients in ways that not only allow us to express our own creativities, but inspires our clients to join us in this process.


35 Pond Park Rd. Bay 16
Hingham, MA 02043


8 Wilcox St.
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North Carolina

128 Towerview Ct.
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