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Kyle, a highly skilled Project Manager and Senior Interior Designer, comes to Phase Zero Design with over 10 years of experience following successful stints at a few Connecticut Architectural firms. His design background includes the healthcare, commercial, corporate interiors, historical preservation, market rate and affordable housing sectors. After a relocation to Boston, Kyle brought his solid expertise in Interior Design and Architecture along with his passion for creativity, collaboration, mentoring and inspiring others to Phase Zero Design.

Kyle’s degree in Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology gave him a solid base to start his career as an Architectural Designer. He excels in managing people, projects and time, as well as project budgeting, drawings and quality control. His proficiency and dexterity in design software, graphics and construction techniques adds a valuable layer to the talented Phase Zero Design team.

How do you put a client’s goals before your own in a project?

My end goal when working with a client on their project is to have them be happy & excited to be in their new space. No process is ever smooth or straight forward from beginning to end. There are always bumps and twists in the road, which I love. I feel it is the best part of the design process. I always put the client’s needs and wants before my own, but from time to time, I’ll push back lightly and make alternate recommendations. I don’t just want a client to be excited on day one in their new space; I want to ensure they are happy for years to come. The best way to do this is to listen to your clients and take notes on how their spaces will be used and how they may need to evolve over time. With these notes and open conversations, you and the client work together to influence the design and style of the end project.

Describe the moment you realized architecture and interior design were for you.

I knew I wanted to be an Architect beginning in fourth grade. I had always been interested in buildings and structures, and was curious about how they came to be. As a child, I wanted this elaborate tree house designed. I ended up putting together some drawings, definitely not up to my standards today, and managed the project while my dad and grandfather built it for me. The tree house was so complex, it ended up requiring footings. I would periodically rearrange the house, which my parents supported; however, my dad always resented the interior updates that required him to paint.

What makes you most proud about being a Phase Zero Design employee?

I am proud to be a Phase Zero Design employee because we are like a big family here. At many firms, the owners do not know your name or even talk with employees in the studio. You are just a number on a piece of paper. Here at PZD, we are willing to help those who need it and work with younger staff so they will grow. We are working on a great mentorship program here where everyone can learn from each other. We are also doing a FUNdamentals of Design Series, so people within the firm can share their knowledge on a subject with others. The mindset is everyone is willing to help everyone, and especially our clients.


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