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What is the most important tool of your trade, and why?

The desire to learn. This is a field where people can really get stuck in their ways, whereas design is so fluid. Codes change, technology changes, communities and their cultures change, so the ability to adapt to all these things is so important.

Describe your dream project.

A science museum. There are so many opportunities to be creative and to create a space that the public can really enjoy.

What inspires you most about your field?

The abundance of possibilities. I can lay out a space, figure out how everything is built, select all the materials, and someone else can take that same space and create something completely different.

Describe the moment you realized interior design was for you.

There was never a grand moment of clarity. I didn’t want to fall into the “starving artist” role, but I wanted to embrace my creativity, so design seemed like a natural path to follow.


35 Pond Park Rd. Bay 16
Hingham, MA 02043


8 Wilcox St.
Simsbury, CT 06070

North Carolina

128 Towerview Ct.
Cary, NC 27513