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Now a local to Norwood, Massachusetts Ismene is originally from Athens, Greece. After being born and raised in the Mediterranean, She attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. During her time there, she obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture (with a double major in Art History). Following this academic journey, she enrolled in Boston Architectural College and set her sights on earning her Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture.

With experience in multiple sectors of commercial Architecture, her passions really lie in the realm of blending the built world with the natural one it inhabits. Creating experiences that result in healthier, more fulfilled communities for everyone who experiences them.

Describe your dream project.

I have always been fascinated with restoration, accessibility, residential design, and traveling. Kind of a mix, but I would love to travel back home to Greece and help build better living conditions for all who are suffering through the economic crisis, while maintaining the rich history and beautiful nature that the country offers its residents.

Describe the moment you realized architecture was for you.

I was always a creative and overachieving kid, I wanted to do everything that had to do with art. I dreamed of being an artist, fashion designer, art historian. Yet, what grounded me to architecture was actually videogames! Anything that had building tasks, such as the Sims and Minecraft, was what made me try out Architecture and realize how much I loved it. How could I say no to a profession that is as fun and engaging as a videogame?

What makes you most proud about being a Phase Zero employee?

What makes me most proud of my firm is the people I get to come in and say good morning to everyday! Welcoming and considerate, the collaborative environment is what helps me thrive. Success on all projects comes from within the firm, and starts with a good foundation. Pun fully intended.


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