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Corey has been at Phase Zero Design since 2013, and spent the previous five years working on his Master of Architecture degree, from Wentworth Institute of Technology. Throughout his time at Phase Zero, he has worked on a variety of projects in multiple sectors, that range from commercial rollout jobs, to postsecondary educational design projects.

The opportunity to create beautiful buildings that also functionally work best for the client is a professional passion for Corey. Finding the correct balance between function and aesthetics is a challenge that varies per job, but it is one that he is always working towards finding.

As someone who believes that laughter is the best medicine, he wants to be remembered as someone that was always able to make others laugh and smile, helping to create a positive and happy work environment for all those around him.

What is the most important tool of your trade, and why?

Your mind. Whether it’s working on drawings, specifications, or conducting meetings and site surveys, your mind is the only thing that you have full control of. It will be utilized for all that you do. For me, it’s so important to be mentally strong, because in this industry, it can be quite easy for tasks and deadlines to pile up on you. Figuring out how to handle everything that’s thrown your way, in a sufficient and timely manner, can be quite the puzzle sometime. Being able to handle it all is a skill I’m proud of.

What makes you most proud about being a Phase Zero Design employee?

I love the family atmosphere and comradery that is around this office, and I believe that a lot of effort goes in to making the company feel that way. Even the way that the office is designed breaks the typical mold of an Architecture office. With more of an at home, or at a bar, type feeling. It promotes genuine connections between employees and clients.


The success of a project can be noticed by how the client receives the finished product. Its always great to see return clients in our industry, and the main reason for return clients is that they feel comfortable with us handling their jobs. They feel comfortable and confident that we can produce a good product in the end, because they’ve seen that we are more than capable of doing so in past projects.


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