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Describe your dream project.

My dream project would be to work on a mixed-use development project in an urban environment/city. This type of project is my dream to work on due to its potential impact at every level of the urban environment. From providing commercial, retail, or restaurant spaces that can become places for locals to enjoy, to potentially having community spaces to foster real-time growth, a mixed-use residential project can provide plenty of avenues of expression and fulfillment for the city it is apart of


What does it mean to you to be 100% client-centric?

To be 100% client centric, to me, means that as I work through each challenge or phase of the project, I am taking the time to think about the project through the client’s perspective. Using this perspective can help isolate weak points in the design, can call out areas of inefficiency, or potentially make cost-effective decisions to keep the client’s pockets as full as possible. Essentially, by keeping the client and their goals in mind throughout the design process, we can assure that our design team gets the best outcome every time relative to the client’s wishes.


What inspires you most about your field?

What inspires me most about being in the architecture field is its inherent ability to impact the day to day lives of the users of the spaces. We, as designers, have the chance to really make or break the experience of the users of the spaces we design. It is inspiring to realize the impact we have, and even more so when we take this responsibility as designers seriously regardless of the size, level of detail, or scope of work of the project.


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North Carolina

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